Connected Manufacture Equipment

One of the pain points of implementing automation is having the legacy equipment to be connected. Only when the pieces of equipment are connected, data can be collected and equipment may be control from remote sites.  


There are numbers of a method to upgrade the legacy equipment. The factory usually connects an embedded box or a panel computer to the legacy equipment to interpret the data output from equipment and send to either SCADA or MES for management purpose.

Connected equipment is to collect manufacture and equipment data for analysis in order to achieve equipment maintenance prediction and machine collaboration. Big Data is the core of a smart factory and collecting data in real time is the first step.

Connected Legacy Equipment

Embedded PC, uIBX series is connected to the VGA or HDMI port of manufacturing equipment. It reads the information from a display and interprets it via OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. This method helps to upgrade legacy equipment without depending on the understanding of equipment protocols.


In the case of managing numbers of connected equipment from various locations, we introduce TANK-860-QGW, which can be a micro SCADA/MES server and its QRM feature helps to monitor the other QTS hardware remotely.

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