Digital Signage is widely deployed in a range of fields such as retail, education and hospitality, and has become an important part of the marketing landscape. solutions combine highly reliable touch screen system, content design software, remote management and data analytics.

Intelli-Signage has been approved as one of the Collaborative Industry Projects (CIP).
Qualifying SME will be eligible for 70% funding from SPRING Singapore (now Enterprise Singapore).



Intelli-Signage for Retail


Intelli-Signage for Jewellery Store


Intelli-Signage for Fashion Store


Intelli-Signage for Corporate


Intelli-Signage for Restaurant


Intelli-Signage for Building Directory


  • Drag-and-drop content design
  • Supports touch content
  • Supports spin the wheel
  • Supports queue number
  • Supports video, image, text, flash, powerpoint, digital clock, audio, HTML
  • Tag advertisements according to age and gender group
  • Provides preview check



  • Central management for content and players
  • Remote player monitoring & control
  • Remote upload of content to the cloud
  • Supports multiple accounts with different authority access





The analytics data are important for a marketer to measure marketing campaign effectiveness. Simply log in to the cloud to access the data at anytime, anywhere using any devices.

  • Age and gender report
  • Emotion report
  • Touch click report
  • QR scan report


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