Service Robot/ Social Robot

A business's success relies on customer experience, including pre-sales services, data collection, in-store shopping experience, after-sales relationship management, etc.
Service robot, is an intelligent cloud-based service robot for retail, education, healthcare and hospitality. Sanbot can be applied to a variety of services: to support patients in health care institutions, to deliver orders in restaurants, to provide reception and room service in hotels, as a concierge in reception/ info counter.

Anewtech-service-robot-sanbot-appliction-security   Anewtech-service-robot-sanbot-appliction-retail
Security Retail

Anewtech-service-robot-sanbot-appliction-education   Anewtech-service-robot-sanbot-appliction-restaurant
Education Restaurant


With an Open API that enables developers to build Android App and machine-learning capability, businesses can deliver interactive services that increase customer experience.

10.1” HD Touch Screen

Animated waving arms have a lighting display with 250 colors to choose from

360-degree Wrap-Around technology, utilizing over 60 sensors

Equipped with a unique 3-D camera, Sanbot can read your every gesture and pose

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