Extended safety terminal server for serial over network applications that require 60601 certified solutions

Wireless Programmable Terminal Server, Dual GB Ethernet ports for routing

Terminal servers with dual IPv4/IPv6 stack

Ethernet network controller for Model 170 traffic signal controller equipment

PortServer TS M MEI offers Ethernet and RS-232/422/485 serial connections, with the addition of an internal modem.

RS-232/422/485 Serial Server with Powered Serial and Ethernet Options

RS-232/422/485 Switch Selectable Expansion for Asynchronous Connectivity

PortServer TS delivers standard serial-to-Ethernet connectivity simply and reliably.

Serial-to-Ethernet connectivity, protocol

conversion and protocol interoperability

for industrial applications

Easy, reliable serial-to-Ethernet and

Modbus-to-Modbus/TCP connectivity for

industrial automation applications

Entry-level serial-to-Ethernet connectivity for devices in industrial automation applications

The customizable Digi Connect SP device server is the ideal choice for web- and network-enabled embedded software applications.

Cost-effective serial concentrator designed for applications requiring serial port connectivity over an Ethernet network

Secure Access and Management for Servers and Network Devices

Secure, Reliable In- and Out-of-Band Graphical Console Management

In-and Out-of-Band Power Management and Monitoring for Network Devices