The Magic series meets all expectations which are pretended to a modern enclosure for electronic packaging. Removable covering is providing excellent accessibility.

The Series 86 in standard heights and 3 different depths are designed to accommodate 19” subracks. Optionally available with handle grip or folding handle

The Series 84 for mounting of plug-in modules. A rigid frame construction provides easy assembly as well as high stability.

The Series 83 is a light weight desktop case. It is ideal for mounting of plug-in modules in self supporting extrusion/cover construction.

The product range “Basic” convinces with its distinctive design through the contrasting shapes on the front and the defined lines on the sides and rear.

The 19” subrack Future is the fundamental basis for your advantage. Every requirement, i.e. shock-proofed, can be achieved due to precise detail solutions

The subrack FutureX for mounting of plug-in modules can be individually configured for a variety of applications. FutureX is a economical entry level subrack.

The subrack Series 77 is built up as two-part side section. Trimmed side plates of this product series allow the mounting in cases and cabinets.

The 19" subrack Series 76 is particularly suitable, due to the decorative appearance of the front rails, for use in the visible part of control panels.

The 19” subrack Series 75 is the low-cost alternative. It is designed for mounting single and double sized Euro-boards and is available in 3 depths.