About Anewtech Systems

Founded in 1999, Anewtech Systems is a leading industrial computing provider specializes in computer integrations and customization services.

Our range of industrial computer boards, systems and peripherals have been implemented in thousands of applications and all recognized for its reliability. For clients concerned with incurring excessive personnel headcount for small-scale manufacturing projects, we offer comprehensive OEM/ODM services that aim to reduce customer’s turnabout time, thereby helping them to advance beyond their market competition.

As we move further into the digital transformation, Anewtech Systems has developed smart retail solutions such as service robot, survey system, and Intelli-Signage that leverage on AI and IoT technologies. Businesses can easily create, manage, distribute content and analyze data through cloud services.

Our Vision

To be a world-class technology integrator and reach the “scopes of economics” by vertical integration and mass customization in industrial/ embedded computing and security/ connectivity arenas.


Our Objectives

Our objectives are to create value for clients and employees. We truly believe this can be achieved with a superior quality of services, caring for the team, and with a constant focus on technologies and innovations.

Recognized for Excellence

All Anewtech products have been rigorously tested in the quality assurance and compliance laboratory to ensure high quality, durability, and compliance. All assembly are done in a static-free environment, follow on with stringent quality control at all stages: incoming, in-process and outgoing.

Our Quality Policy:Anewtech-systems-awards

  • Consistent high quality products
  • Timely delivery of products
  • Strong Commitment towards customer satisfaction
  • Dedicated to the continual improvement of products, services and QMS
  • Comply with contractual, legal & QMS


Our Office

Headquartered in Singapore, Anewtech has expanded into Malaysia (Selangor and Penang) and Vietnam. through our commitment to providing workable solutions with a core focus on our customer’s requirement.



Our Culture

At Anewtech Systems, we believe that everyone has a talent, and that talent can make things happen. We promote work-life balanced, self-discipline and encourage teamwork culture.

" Our goal is to ensure we continue to create a conducive working environment for our staffs to grow with the company. We always bear in mind employees are our asset, and our objective is to create value for employees, customers, and partners."
- Mr. Terence Teo, Managing Director, Anewtech Systems