Ultra-Compact Modular System for Intelligent Manufacturing: AD-IPC-220/240

AD-IPC-220/240, compact modular system powered by a 6th/7th generation Intel® Core™ i LGA1151 processor with Intel® Q170/H110 chipset. Equipped with 2/4 PCIe/PCI slots for integrating add-on cards, and compatible with Microsoft Windows 7/10 operating systems, IPC-220/240 provides the ideal system for traditional legacy control operations and industrial automation applications.

Aimed at harsh industrial environments as well as in-cabinet installations with limited space, AD-IPC-220/240 terminal features a compact form factor and supports a wide operating temperature range 0 ~ 45 °C. Because power distribution at intelligent factories tends to fluctuate, AD-IPC-220/240 is compatible with 19 ~ 24 VDC input power, making it easy to be integrated in diverse cabinet infrastructures. Moreover, AD-IPC-220/240 can also provide 5 VDC/2A and 12 VDC/2A power output to support another device and thus simplify cabling in the field.






Anewtech-industrial-computer-AD-IPC-220-expansionUltra-Compact System with Card Expansion for Powerful Application

Designed to function as the intelligent edge for manufacturing equipment, AD-IPC-220/240 is an ultra-compact modular system   equipped with 2/4 PCIe/PCI slots for integrating diverse add-on cards, such as I/O cards, motion cards, vision cards, and GPU cards to support machine control and vision applications, or provide artificial intelligence for automated optical inspection (AOI) operations.


Anewtech-industrial-computer-AD-IPC-240Easy Deployment with Flexible Power Design and Front-Facing I/O

To ensure easy deployment for IoT installations with limited cabling space and complex power requirements, AD-IPC-220/240 supports a wide power input range of 19 ~ 24 VDC and features front-facing I/O for easy access. The IPC-220/240 terminal can also support another device with the provision of 5 VDC/2A and 12 VDC/2A power output, simplifying in-field cabling requirements. Moreover, the system’s I/O interfaces, which include two GigaLAN, six USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, two serial ports, one Audio-In, and dual display outputs (HDMI and VGA), are all located in the front panel for easy access and space savings.




Expansion Slot:


Model Available:

Anewtech-stainless-panel-pc-AD-SPC-515 Anewtech-stainless-panel-pc-AD-IPPC-5211WS
  • 6/7th Gen Intel® Core™ i socket-type (LGA 1151) processor with Intel® Q170/H110 chipset
  • IPC-220 chassis is compatible with PCE-2029 and PCE-2129 motherboards and supports PCIe x16 & PCIe x4 expansion slots
  • 6/7th Gen Intel® Core™ i socket-type (LGA 1151) processor with Intel® Q170/ H110 chipset
  • IPC-240-01A1 chassis is compatible with PCE-2029 and PCE-2129 motherboards. Supports PCIe x16, PCIe x4, & dual PCI slots
  • IPC-240-00A1 chassis is compatible with PCE-2129 motherboard. Supports PCIe x16, dual PCIe x4, & PCIe x1 slots