OPC UA I/O Module for IoT Digitalization: ADAM-6300

ADAM-6300 series OPC UA I/O sensing module with Modbus protocol, linking to SCADA and the cloud without need for gateways. ADAM-6300 is an IT/OT convergence series that integrates information technology (IT) systems with operational technology (OT)—representing a leap forward in smart IoT technology for factories and utilities.

Moreover, through the OPC UA and built-in security IC, data is highly secured throughout the OT and IT levels.





Application: Water Treatment Management


  • Secured data privacy
  • OPC UA obtains the status on pumping plants

Application: Machine Status Management


  • Modbus integrated with existing local system
  • OPC UA connects with private or public cloud
  • Secure connection to cloud
  • High I/O density for cost effective solution

Application: Factory Process Management


  • OPC UA I/O Module integrates with SCADA/MES
  • I/O data easily integrated with SCADA
  • High I/O density for cost effective solution