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Entering a New Era of Smart Factory with LoRaWAN Solution

LoRaWAN solution provides faster, easier, more cost-effective way to realizes industry 4.0. LoRaWAN solution includes hardware and software which built on open standards for easy integration with existing system. WebAccess/SCADA collects and analyzes data which simplify complex data programming and enable data to flow securely to Grafana dashboard for visualization.

LoRaWAN Benefits

  • Wireless data collection without tangle wiring
  • Private network built-up with secure encryption
  • Remote configuration supported with downlink function from LoRaWAN gateway
  • Low power consumption with optional battery powered
  • Wide coverage & excellent penetration for metal & concrete wall

LoRaWAN Sensors
Connect current meter, vibration, temperature, and other sensors to stream relevant data in real-time


LoRaWAN Gateway
High-performance LoRaWAN gateway that offers reliable connectivity for industrial environment


On-Premise Server
Data is aggregated and analyzed in WebAccess/SCADA applicaiton server


WebAccess SCADA / Grafana Dashboard
WebAccess/SCADA collects and transfer data to Grafana dashboard for visualization


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