AMR Delivery Robot
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Anewtech Delivery and Advertising Robot

Delivery and Advertising Robot

Delivery and advertising robot features an innovative design for users to receive an unprecedented delivery robot experience. The robot able to deliver items to multiple points at once with four smart trays, each synchronized to deliver precision and speed. Beyond deliveries, the robot doubles as an advertising canvas, presenting dynamic and captivating visuals that engage and enthrall.Dynamic routing and powerful LiDAR ensures the robot can accurately detect and avoid obstacles.

Anewtech delivery robot

Factory Delivery Robot

Delivery robots with extended chassis and higher load capacity are tailored for demanding industrial environments where the efficient transportation of heavy or bulky items is crucial. Their design emphasizes safety, autonomy, customization, and adaptability to ensure they meet the needs of diverse industries like manufacturing, logistics, and warehouse. With heavy load capability and flexible combination of containers, the delivery robot can satisfy all your imagination.

Anewtech Delivery  Robot AMR with Lift Solutions

AMR with Lift Solutions

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) with lifting solutions, can lift up to 150kg payload and deliver products with precision which adds an additional level of functionality to the AMR. When AMR equipped with a lifting solution arrives at a docking station, the advanced lifting mechanism enables effortless loading and unloading of goods, streamlining the transfer process to various destinations, such as assembly lines or storage areas.

Anewtech Delivery  Robot AMR with Lift Solutions

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