Intelli-Signage: Interactive Digital Signage with PSG Grant Support


Intelli-Signage solution combine touch screen system, age and gender recognition, content design software, remote management, and data analytics. Interactive touch technologies making digital signage more connected, intuitive, and personalized.

Intelli-Signage is a revolutionary digital marketing platform that allowed retail business owner to deploy their new product, promotion campaign and services real-time to attract new customers, as the content design is based on a cloud-based platform and can be directly deployed to any store outlet at any time and any location. 

Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) Support

Intelli-Signage is supported under Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG). Receive up to 50% funding support for eligible costs.


Key benefits of Intelli-Signage


Engagement and Interactivity:

Intelli-Signage solutions incorporate interactive touch technologies, making content more engaging for viewers.

Dynamic Content Updates:

Unlike traditional static signage, Intelli-Signage allows real-time content updates. Businesses can change gold price and promotions instantly, keeping the information fresh and relevant.


Once installed,Intelli-Signage reduces ongoing costs associated with printing and distributing physical materials. Updates can be done remotely, eliminating the need for manual replacements.

Analytics and Insights:

Intelli-Signage collects data on viewer interactions, age and gender and popular content. These insights help businesses understand customer behavior, preferences, and the effectiveness of their messaging.


The combination of touch screen capabilities, content design software, remote management, and data analytics makes Intelli-Signage solutions versatile across different industries and settings. They can be used in retail environments, hospitality venues, and more.

Brand Image Enhancement:

Interactive displays and visually appealing content contribute to a positive brand image. Well-designed signage reflects professionalism and modernity.


Content Designer (@Signage)


  • Drag-and-drop content design
  • Supports touch content
  • Supports spin the wheel
  • Supports video, image, text, html (YouTube Live News), live tag, flip image, joint image
  • Tag advertisements according to age and gender group
  • Provides preview check

Age and Gender Recognition System (AGRS)


Delivers the targeted content to Customers!

Age and Gender Recognition System is able to display the relevant products/merchandise based on the viewer profile – gender and age group. 

Retailers will be able to understand the shoppers behavior better by analyzing reports on the shoppers profiles and viewership patterns.


Intelli-Signage Applications