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CFast Anewtech-embedded-flash-storage-cfast

High capacity and high speed in a small form factor that is compliant with CFast 2.0 and is suitable for industrial and embedded applications.

CompactFlash Card Anewtech-embedded-flash-storage-cfcard

CF cards are small form factors using the PATA interface that are suitable for industrial and other harsh environment applications.

Embedded Disk Card Anewtech-embedded-flash-storage-Embedded-Disk-Card

PATA cards in different form factors that come in capacities ranging from 512MB to 256GB.

M.2 SATA Anewtech-embedded-flash-storage-M2-SATA

M.2 SATA, also known as Next Generation Form Factor, saves 40% space compared to mPCIe and is designed for ultra-thin or compact systems.

Mini PCIeDOM Anewtech-embedded-flash-storage-Mini-PCIeDOM

mPCIe form factor with PCIe Gen.1 interface for boot-up or storage applications. Compatible with a host of operating systems while also needing no driver.

mSATA Anewtech-embedded-flash-storage-mSATA

mSATA are high performance, JEDEC MO-300 compliant modules that are suitable for space-constricted applications. Though the form factor is mPCIe, the module connects to the SATA host controller.

SATA Slim Anewtech-embedded-flash-storage-SATAslim

SATA Slim is designed for hand-held devices, thin clients and industrial applications as it is compliant with JEDEC MO-297, while also being able to function both as a boot-up and data storage device.

SATADOM Anewtech-embedded-flash-storage-SATADOM

SATADOM is a compact form factor suitable for 1U server applications. It sports optimized firmware and Cable-less power options making it the perfect boot-up drive solution for server and embedded applications.

ServerDOM Anewtech-embedded-flash-storage-ServerDOM

Tiny form factor designed for server use. Utilizing ServerDOM as a boot-up device frees up more space for additional storage while also simplifying server scaling.

SSD Anewtech-embedded-flash-storage-ssd

SSD is the standard storage solution for most embedded systems. SSDs come in a wide variety of form factors including 2.5", 1.8" and others.