ADAM-6700 is aiming at the edge applications. Compact size with I/O and powerful CPU allow it to possess the strength of platform and data acquisition.

Ethernet I/O Modules, AD-ADAM-6000 series, accomplishes this integration easily through the latest internet technology so that it can remotely monitor the device status.

RS-485 I/O Modules, ADAM-4000 series, are the perfect choice for establishing a cost-effective remote I/O system.

Serial Media Converter and Repeaters provide conversion between serial networks and other media.  It convert RS-232 signals to RS-422/485 signals, as well as wireless and fiber optic signals.

WISE-2000 series is an all-in-one total wireless IoT sensing solution

Remote I/O & sensing devices bring an IT-oriented spirit to the market with the advanced concepts of wireless sensor notes technology, data A-P-P, data Acquisition, data Processing to data Publishing