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Cellular Gateway Anewtech-Digi-ConnectPort-X4

Digi cellular gateways provide easy-to-install cellular WAN connectivity rated for industrial and commercial use in environments that require a weather proof or wide temperature enclosures.

Cellular Router Anewtech-Digi-Transport-LR54

Industrial cellular routers provide secure 3G, 4G LTE, and LTA- Advanced (LTE-A) connectivity for applications in energy, transportation and smart cities.

LoRa Converter/ Module/ Sensor Node Anewtech-lora-module-converter-sensor

Pocket device for mobile communications based on LoRa technology

Serial/ Console Server Anewtech-Digi-Serial-server

Serial servers provide connectivity to any serial device. Console servers provide secure access for servers and network devices

USB/Serial Connectivity Anewtech-Digi-AnywhereUSB

Access and monitor USB and serial devices over a TCP/IP network

XBee/RF Module Anewtech-Digi-xbee-rf-module

XBee® modules are available in through-hole and SMT form factors and offer multiple interfaces including 802.15.4, Zigbee® and DigiMesh®.