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PortServer® TS P MEI Anewtech Digi PortServer-TS-P-MEI Digi International PortServer TS 4 P MEI 70001993 Serial Server

RS-232/422/485 Serial Server with Powered Serial and Ethernet Options

PortServer® TS MEI Hardened Anewtech Digi PortServer-TS-MEI hardened PortServer TS 1 H MEI 70001917Digi International PortServer TS 4 H MEI 70001919 Serial Server PortServer TS 4 Hcc MEI 70002040

Hardened, Rugged Serial Servers for Outdoor Extended Temperatures

PortServer® TS MEI Anewtech Digi-PortServer-TS-MEI Digi International PortServer TS 1 MEI 70001805, PortServer TS 2 MEI 70001806, PortServer TS 2 MEI 70001806, Serial Server

RS-232/422/485 Switch Selectable Expansion for Asynchronous Connectivity

PortServer® TS M MEI Anewtech Digi-PortServer-TS-M-MEI Digi International PortServer TS 3 M MEI 70001899 Serial Server

Serial Server with Internal Modem

PortServer® TS Anewtech Systems Digi International PortServer TS 1, 70002041, PortServer TS 2, 70002043, PortServer TS 4, 70002045

Easy Serial-to-Ethernet Connectivity. RS-232 RJ-45 Serial-to-Ethernet

Digi One® SP IA Anewtech Digi-One-SP-IA Digi International Digi One SP IA - 70001999Serial Server

Ethernet Enable Any Industrial Device

Digi One® SP Anewtech Digi-One-SP Digi International Digi One SP - 70001851Serial Server

Compact Serial Server

Digi One® IAP Anewtech Digi-One-IAP Digi International Digi One IAP 70001777 Serial Server Digi One IAP Haz 70002326

Multi-Protocol Conversion Capabilities for Automation Integration

Digi One® IA Anewtech Digi-One-IA Digi International Digi One IA 70001862 Serial Server

Serial Server to Ethernet Enable Any Industrial Serial Device.

Digi Neo® Anewtech Digi-Neo Digi International Serial card Digi Neo PCI Express 8-port 77000889, Digi Neo PCI Express 4-port 77000890

Low Profile Serial Cards. PCI Express 1x slot, 4/8 PCIe RS-232 serial port options

Digi Connect® WS Anewtech Digi-Connect-WS Digi International  Digi Connect WS 1 RS232 DC-WS-1-INT,  Digi Connect WS 4 RS232 DC-WS-4-INT, Digi Connect WS, 8 RS232 DC-WS-8-INT Serial Server

Extended safety terminal server is designed for serial over network applications that require 60601 certified solutions

Digi Connect® ES Anewtech Digi-Connect-ES Digi International Digi Connect ES 4SB, Digi Connect ES 8SB Serial Server

Serial Server with Galvanic Isolation

Digi Connect SP® Anewtech Digi International Serial Server Digi Connect SP

Compact Form Factor Serial Server for Custom Networking Applications

Digi Connect IT Mini Anewtech Digi-Connect-IT-Mini Digi International Digi Connect IT Mini remote console access server IT01-M100-GLB Console Server

Secure, affordable, managed out-of-band access for isolated remote IT devices

Digi Connect IT 4 Anewtech Digi-Connect-IT-4 Digi International Digi Connect IT 4 remote console access server

Out-of-band management of network and server equipment

Digi Connect IT 16/48 Anewtech Digi-Connect-IT-16-48 Digi International Digi Connect IT 16, console access server with 16 serial ports IT16-1002, Digi Connect IT 48, console access server with 48 serial ports IT48-1002

Centrally manage routers, firewalls, servers and other critical IT infrastructure over LTE or enterprise WAN

Digi Connect EZ Anewtech Digi-Connect-EZ Digi International Serial Server

Secure serial connectivity that boots in seconds, configures in minutes, and runs for years

ConnectPort® TS 8/16 Anewtech Digi-ConnectPort-TS-8-16 Digi International ConnectPort TS 16 48 - 70002538, ConnectPort TS 16 - 70002388, ConnectPort TS 16 MEI - 70002534 Terminal Server

Terminal Servers with Dual IPv4/IPv6 Stack

ConnectPort® LTS 8/16/32 Anewtech Digi-ConnectPort-LTS-8-16-32 Digi International ConnectPort LTS 32, ConnectPort LTS 16, ConnectPort LTS 8 MEI Terminal Server

Serial servers support GB Ethernet and IPv6 networks. Optional Zigbee and USB bring wireless capabilities into multi-port serial server environment