Laundromat or self-service laundries, equipped with industrial washing machines and professional dryers with varying degrees of capacity. In fact, the load capacity is one of the things that distinguishes them from ordinary, household products: whilst a domestic washing machine can handle loads of between 5 and 7 kg, a professional machine can take up to 25 kg of washing.

Want to see which washers or dryers are available? Need to check on the status of your laundry? Want laundry notifications sent directly to your mobile phone? It’s all possible with Intelli-Laundry.


Intelli-Laundry is an exclusive monitoring system for the laundromat, creating a better laundry experience for both customers and operators. Each connected laundromat has a dedicated screen showing which machines are in use and the minutes remaining on a washer or dryer cycle.



Real-time Monitoring

Intelli-Laundry takes the hassle out of doing laundry. Once a cycle is in progress, the user can monitor the status of the machine in real-time, and can even request an email or SMS notification when a cycle is complete. This saves valuable time and eliminates unneeded trips to the laundry room. 


SMS/ Email Notification

Register an account to receive SMS or email notification! User will receive SMS or email notification when the cycle is completed. Notification allows users to decide how to use their time, they can spend time in shopping or proceed back to the waiting area.



Enhance Laundry Experience

For laundromat owner, it’s the convenience of a web-based system that creates a seamless experience and promotes a positive laundry experience. The owner can access to real-time information, access to historical data using various reports.


Save Time

Many laundromat become busy at certain times of the day, so there can be competition for machines. Before making a trip to the laundry room, user can check Intelli-Laundry web to make sure that there are washers and dryers available.




Intelli-Laundry allows user to easily view available machines, and track their cycle status. 


Owner can have full details of each transaction captured, and get to know which machines are more often used and when maintenance is required.


Owner can see at a glance the busy periods of machine usage over the week at different location.


Anewtech-industry-laundromat-washing-machine-data-analyticsData Analytics: Use data to increase sales

The owner can identify user behavior such as what times of the day or which days of the week see the most business. The owner can use that information to create happy hours during off-peak times or other discounted promotions to generate business during traditionally quieter periods.



Intelli-Laundry is dedicated to helping owner build the bottom line with innovative ways to cut operating costs, increase efficiency and create greater customer satisfaction. Use the technology that is available to ensure laundromat business’ operations run efficiently and multiply sales opportunities.