WISE-PaaS/EdgeLink provides a solution for Machine to Intelligent (M2I), bridge the data from the edge to clouds. Without frequent on-site maintenance and service trips incurring the time and costs, users will be able to monitor device status and track equipment performance.

  • A lightweight gateway software uploading data from edge to cloud
  • Data backup by storing data to database and FTP server
  • Data publishing service by OPC-UA, Modbus, DNP3, BECnet, MQTT & LwM2M
  • Optimizing efficiency with connected equipments
  • Easy integrating equipment data into middleware with secured data conversion
WISE-PaaS/EdgeLink Diagram

WISE-PaaS/EdgeLink is equipped with key functionalities aimed at edge applications. With downlink data acquisition capabilities integrated with uplink connectivity, security, and intelligence functions, transmitting field data to the cloud becomes an easy task.


WISE-PaaS/EdgeLink Applications


Advantages of WISE-PaaS/EdgeLink
Anewtech-wise-paas-edgelink-featurre1 Anewtech-wise-paas-edgelink-feature Anewtech-wise-paas-edgelink-feature
Optimizing Efficiency with Connected Equipment
WISE-PaaS/EdgeLink serves as a hub for data acquisition, storage, and reports, as well as alarm notifications, maximizing equipment efficiency with the provision of accurate data.
Plug-and-Play Cloud Access for Rapid Deployment
Plug-and-play functionality for data transmissions to the cloud eliminates complex programming and configuration. This ensures data can be easily uploaded for analysis and visualization.
Secure Data Conversion for Integrating Data with Third-Party Systems
WISE-PaaS/EdgeLink supports data conversion, enabling PLCs, sensors, and inverters, to be directly integrated with SCADA, MESs, and ERP systems for convenient operation and maintenance.
Featured Edge Data Collector