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Wafer Fabrication Advanced Manufacturing Anewtech-semiconductor-smart-factory

Effective use of monitoring and diagnostic solutions, not only to prevent equipment failure for enhancing the capacity and stability, but also to greatly save maintenance costs.

Vision Inspection for Product Traceability Anewtech-industrial-vision-sensor

is a powerful error proofing tool that can be used in manufacturing process. It provides reliable part or features presence/absence and position detection, plus dimension verification and accurate barcode reading with crisp and reliable resolution.

Industrial RFID for Product Traceability Anewtech-industrial-automation-hf-rfid-system

with a full line of and RFID systems designed specifically for manufacturing. Our experience has enabled us to provide field-proven solutions for traceability in advanced manufacturing facilities.

Connected Manufacture Equipment Anewtech-industrial-automation-connected-equipment

One of the pain points of implementing automation is having the legacy equipment to be connected. Only when the pieces of equipment are connected, data can be collected and equipment may be control from remote sites.