Industrial Display Systems - High Brightness, Wide Temperature


Industrial display systems meet the demands of industrial display markets in gaming, transportation, medical, and many system integrations. 

Optical Bonding
Optical bonding technology is to inject optical glue into the space between a cover glass and the LCD panel to remove the air gap. We develop  both Wet Bond and Dry Bond technologies to enhance the LCD readability and durability.

High Brightness
Industrial display can boost brightness up to 2000 nits with a low-power backlight source saving about 20% less energy than competing products with the same level of brightness.

 Wide Temperature

Thermal Impedance Solution uses a heating film an in-house intelligent AD board to control the temperature of the TFT-LCD, so that the display works normally even under extreme environments.


The IDK-1000 series features industrial grade touch LCD panels with integrated resistive or projected capacitive touch screens. This series supports 250~500nits brightness and is ideal for indoor applications.


IDK-2000 series delivers 1200nits sunlight readable LCD panels perfect for outdoor applications. Touch screen options include resistive touch and projected capacitive touch.


Open Frame Monitor IDS-3000 series delivers touch screen monitors with a slim open-front frame design. This series and supports rear and VESA mounting using an integrated bracket design for easy installation.