Intelli-Signage solutions combine touch screen system, content design software, remote management and data analytics. Interactive touch technologies making digital signage more connected, intuitive, and personalized. 

Video wall solutions incorporate cutting-edge display technologies and graphic cards deliver display density, resolution, and performance for a wide range of demanding multi-monitor applications. 

The provision of kitchen display system (KDS) increases restaurant efficiency by connecting front-of-house staff with the kitchen staff and enabling seamless communication, reduced human errors, and improved service speeds.

Toilet feedback system aimes to monitor toilet cleanliness and improve toilet services. The 10”/ 15” feedback system enables visitors to rate their experience and submit a service request for unsatisfactory service.

Intelli-Temperature Attendance System is designed to replace manual time-consuming and manpower intensive temperature screening process. The system captures and recognizes human face, measures body temperature, and work with EM-lock door access system.

Real-time Location System (RTLS) solution, combines Ultra-wideband (UWB) radio-based communication, accurate floor mapping, TDOA processing and data science computation. This RTLS indoor positioning technology is ideal for location tracking and tracing analysis.