All-in-one healthcare infotainment is an intelligent bedside terminal. The bedside Panel PC can also be applied to home care service and offers medical staffs a secure access to electronic patient data for diagnoses.

Intelligent power system with the latest industrial-grade and hot-swappable Lithium-ion battery, provides a medical-grade solution for a long-lasting source of energy on mobile computer carts.

medical carts are mobile carts equipped with workstation computer and LiFePO4 battery. It delivers a high-computing performance and is intelligent upgrade options for nursing workstation computer.

Multi-Touch Color Surgical Display offers a multitouch interface via Windows OS that provides an intuitive way to use your applications with simple hand gestures.

Medical computer series with medical safety certifications of UL60601-1, EN60601-1, and IEC6060. Support multi-touch screen and can be simply integrated with existing equipment configurations.

Medical tablets are equipped with a LiFePO4 battery to support healthcare workflows, enable hospitals to streamline medication administration and documentation.