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Embedded Computer anewtech-systems-embedded-pc

Embedded Computers (embedded boards and embedded systems) engaged in edge computing and highly suitable for remote monitoring and control. We offer diverse modular and ready-to-order I/O products to help customers rapidly implement diverse applications.

Embedded IoT Anewtech-embedded-iot

A series of integrated IoT solutions from sensor nodes, gateway to cloud and services to assist customers approaching the IoT market wanting minimal uncertainty and risk.

Flash Storage/ Embedded Peripheral/ DRAM Module Anewtech-embedded-flash-storage

Embedded Flash Storage available in different interfaces such as SATADOM, SSD, mSATA, SATA Slim, CF-card, CFast, Embedded Disk Card.

Industrial Computer anewtech-systems-server-grade-industrial-pc

Industrial Computer, Single Board Computer, Industrial Motherboard, Industrial Server features hot-swap, multi-core processors and buffered memory which are essential for performance demanding applications.

Industrial Display/ Monitor anewtech-systems-industrial-panel-pc

Industrial monitor with capacitive/resistive touch screen, high IP-rated bezel and wide temperature operation.

Industrial Identification anewtech-systems-industrial-rfid

Industrial RFID system supports global ISO standards and scores with a high transmission speed for large volumes of data.

Industrial Networking anewtech-systens-industrial-ethernet-switch

Industrial Networking Devices (Switches, Access Point, Device Server, Media Converter) with industrial-grade reliability, network redundancy, seamlessly integrated security and best price-to-performance ratio.

Industrial Panel PC anewtech-systems-industrial-panel-pc

Industrial Panel PC include customizable and all-in-one touchscreen PC series with multiple touch panel sizes and rich I/O expansion to meet industrial standards.

Industrial PDA/ Tablet PC anewtech-systems-rugged-tablet-pc

A complete line of rugged mobile PCs (Industrial Tablet PC, Industrial PDA, Vehicle Mounted PC). Designed for a variety of industries and applications.

Industrial Server/ Storage Anewtech-industrial-server

Industrial server and storage ensure reliability, capacity expansion and easy deployment. Server series include Server boards, Server Chassis, GPU Servers and storage series include External Disk Arrays, JBOD and Storage Servers.

Medical Computer anewtech-systems-medical-pc-tablet-pc

Medical computer series with medical safety certifications of UL60601-1, EN60601-1, and IEC6060. Medical computers support multi-touch screen and can be simply integrated with existing equipment configurations. The energy-saving medical computer delivers a high computing performance for enhancing healthcare services.

Military Computer anewtech-systems-rugged-military-computer

Rugged computers feature durable components and integrated features which provide shock, vibration and temperature tolerance when deployed in severe environments.

Remote I/O Module anewtech-systems-remote-io-module

Remote I/O modules include Ethernet I/O (ADAM-6000 series) and RS-485 I/O (ADAM-4000 series), which are subdivided into Analog I/O and Digital I/O modules. Some of them support Modbus RTU communication protocol.

Wireless/ Serial Device Anewtech Wireless-Serial Device

Wireless M2M device networking products include cellular routers, gateways, RF modules, serial and console servers, USB connected products and sensors.