Take Safety to the Next Level with a ATEX and C1D2 Certified


The oil & gas industry is one of the most challenging work environments. Because the conditions are risky for both personnel and equipment, reliable and accurate monitoring is crucial to maintaining safe operations. Safe technologies help to improve the productivity, safety, and efficiency of oil refineries. 

Our ATEX C1D2 certified computing are deployed in refining and petrochemical applications and have helped many companies improve productivity, safety, and efficiency.


Explosion-Proof Computing  
The explosion-proof rugged computers are designed for oil and gas application, for data collection, process monitoring, and many other tasks to integrate seamlessly into your workflow.   

  • Rugged panel PC and HMI: High-resolution display with optical bonding and multi-touch screen for comfortable operations and intuitive user control.
  • DIN-rail box PC: Robust and compact box PC for data collection and monitoring from meters and sensors deployed on the field. 

Safety and Standards
Anewtech-UL-CSA.Quality Management System 
Our factory is UL and CSA certified with Quality Management System.
Anewtech-ATEXProduct Testing & Certifications 
To meet the safety qualification, we offers ATEX and Class 1 Division 2 (C1D2) certified solutions for maintaining safe operations and collecting detailed, sensitive data in remote rig and pipeline locations. 
Anewtech-WM-R15IB3S-65EX-WinmateAnewtech 15" Explosion-Proof Panel PC WinmateAnewtech-WM-IBDRW100-EX-P-Winmate

15" Explosion-Proof Panel PC

  • 1024 x 768, PCAP touchscreen
  • Class 1, Division 2 & ATEX Zone 2 & IECEx Zone 2 device certified for hazardous area application
  • Wide operating temperature -20˚C to 50˚C

19" Explosion-Proof Panel PC

  • 1000 nits LCD panel PC
  • Class 1, Division 2 & ATEX Zone 2 certified for hazardous area applications
  • Fanless design with streamlined enclosure for highly efficient heat dissipation

Explosion-Proof DIN Rail Box PC

  • Onboard Intel® Atom® Processor E3950 1.6 GHz, up to 2.0 GHz
  • Class 1, Division 2 certified for hazardous area application
  • 1 x RS232/ 422/ 485 communication, select thru BIOS Wide operating temperature -40˚C to 70˚C