Wireless ePaper Display Solution


Wireless ePaper display solution (ePaper device, gateway, and server) bundled with ePaper Manager software, aimed to accelerate the implementation in various applications, such as electronic shelf labelling, digital signs in smart warehouses, and industrial equipment.

Wireless ePaper Display Solutions streamline factory logistics while maximizing resource utilization. Factory efficiency can be increased by up to 80% with better accuracy and productivity. The battery-powered ePaper device is cost-effective and eco-friendly for smart factory applications.

Wireless ePaper display solutions minimize human contact and save energy. Although this technology has been widely used for some time in the e-reader market, it is only just now starting to gain traction in industrial fields. “Imagine how much paper, how much power, and most importantly, how many human errors could be saved or avoided if a hospital or a warehouse used ePaper solutions to automatically display public information, categorize parts, or dispense medicine."




Anewtech-wireless-epaper-display-smart-factorySmart Factory

Computer assisted picking (CAP) systems connect up to three pickers to ePaper devices, augmenting retail, warehouse, and pharmacy applications. These devices leverage LEDs, alarms, and cancel functions to expedite order-picking processes. Use ePaper devices to monitor product stock and expiration dates.

  • Supports IEEE 802.15.4 / 2.4 G networks
  • Low power consumption for up to 5 years
  • Multiple I/O control, and OTA supports

Anewtech-wireless-epaper-display-smart-buildingSmart Building

Aimed at equipment, meeting rooms, and factory production management — these big screens convey detailed information with ultra-low power consumption in standby mode. End users can survey information without using extra handsets and equipment.

  • Arm Cortex-M3 core processor
  • Supports IEEE 802.15.4 / 2.4 G networks
  • Up to 3 years low power consumption
  • Multiple I/O control with 1 x button and 1 x LED
  • Integrated RTOS and OTA support

Anewtech-wireless-epaper-display-smart-hospitalSmart Hospital

These digital signage panels display hospital room-usage information in public spaces. They are superior to traditional signage/posters, and do not require additional cables.

  • Supports IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • Function keys x 2; LED indicator x 1 (2 colors)
  • OTA support
  • Ultra-low power consumption with battery lasts up to 8 months (3 times/ day)

Anewtech-wireless-epaper-display-smart-citySmart City

Focused on in-vehicle signage and vehicle parking places, the large format panels are installed in public spaces and display emergency signage and public information as well as directions. No extra power is needed when displaying information in bright sunlight.

  • Supports IEEE 802.11 ac/b/g/n, LTE Cat.1 and USB interface
  • Supports OTA
  • Supports 16-level gray scale and 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution
  • 1 bit color display in wide range temperature

Model Available:

Wireless 2.9" ePaper Display Device
Focused on retail, warehouse, and pharmacy applications using computer assisted picking (CAP) systems, up to 3 pickers can work on the same ePaper devices at the time.
Wireless 5.65" ePaper Display Device
Focused on equipment, meeting rooms, and factory production management, LED and button provide page changes and indication for flexible usage scenarios.
Wireless 13.3" ePaper Display Device
Focused on information signage in hospital clinics, meeting rooms, in public spaces. Provides real-time information over traditional signage or posters without extra cables.

Industrial vs Consumer ePaper Display