Industrial IoT Applications with Reliable Networking Communications


Wired and wireless communication devices for mission critical applications, include industrial Ethernet switches, cellular routers, wireless access points, media converters, and serial device servers, all of which contribute to the secure transmission of data, monitoring and control of networked devices.

We provide a comprehensive line of fully managed, lite-managed, and unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches with industrial-grade ruggedness and network reliability. The switches comply with a variety of safety standards such as IEC61850-3/EN50155/C1D2. The flagship Thunder Series (Thunder Rail, Thunder Rack, & Thunder PoE) feature advanced technologies (Gigabit speed, 9K Jumbo Frame support, Device Binding, and many more) to guarantee the best networking performance.

Industrial Communication and Networking Devices for Mission Critical Applications


Power & Utilities

Fully compliant with IEC 61850-3


IP Surveillance

Providing secure IP surveillance Netwrok



Robust and Secure Railway Network


Manufacturing Automation

Connectivity from edge to cloud

Product Overview

Industrial Ethernet Switch

  • Rackmount (Non-PoE)
  • DIN-Rail Gigabit (DIN-Rail / Wall-Mount, Non-PoE)
  • DIN-Rail Fast (DIN-Rail / Wall-Mount, Non-PoE)
  • PoE (Rack-Mount / DIN-Rail / Wall-Mount)
  • IP-67
  • PCI/PCIe-Card
  • EN50155

Industrial Cellular VPN Router/ Wireless Access Point

  • 3.5G Cellular VPN Router
  • EN50155 3.5G WLAN Cellular VPN Router
  • 4G LTE Cellular VPN Router
  • EN50155 4G LTE WLAN Cellular VPN Router
  • WLAN IP-67 Access Point
  • EN50155 WLAN Access Point

Industrial Media Converter

  • Ethernet-To-Fiber (DIN-Rail / Wall-Mount / Rack-Mount)
  • PoE Ethernet-To-Fiber (DIN-Rail / Wall-Mount)
  • USB-To-Serial
  • Serial-To-Serial

Industrial Device Server

  • Serial to Ethernet
  • Serial to Wireless (WLAN)

 ORing Product Topology