Drive Customer Engagement with Interactive Digital Signage that Leverages AI Technology


Interactive content is already popular among audiences, and as users become more accustomed to controlling their own content and creating custom experiences, the use of interactive digital signage has will rapidly grow in popularity and use among retailers.

Interactive digital signage is important as it can be used to deliver a number of different experiences to customers, increasing overall satisfaction with brands, products, and companies. This can include targeted advertising, interactive game, and engaging conversation with virtual AI agent.

Anewtech’s Intelli-Signage solutions include a highly reliable touchscreen system, bundled with signage software and data analytics.

The Benefits of Interactive Digital Signage



Enhanced Customer Experience

Interactive digital signage provides a unique opportunity for leaving a lasting impression on a customer as they can interact with it on their terms and create an experience that is tailored to their own desires.

If the experience of using the signage is entertaining and intuitive, it helps improve a company, product or brand’s reputation. For those customers who prefer to shop without the pressure of a salesperson, Intelli-signage with virtual AI agent integrations allows them the freedom to communicate with AI agent without the need for assistance.


Brand Recognition

As customers become increasingly familiar with using interactive signage, it helps enhance brand awareness and recognition. Over time, consumers will start identifying the displays and signage with a specific product, service or brand.

If their experience with the signage has been positive, it can help improve customers’ perception of the business or products, making it more likely they would be willing to return or purchase again. 



In addition to providing a better user experience, digital signage can help increase awareness of new products, programs, or special offers. 

As opposed to other forms of signage, interactive signage can help showcase multiple products, and promotions, providing a flexible marketing channel that is easily updated and changed, often making it a more cost-effective option in the long run.



Cost-Efficient Dynamic Marketing

With the use of dynamic advertisement, interactive signage can be a cost-effective marketing solution, even if it requires an initial investment that is greater than static or paper signage. 

Dynamic advertisement displays provide the ability to show a collection of multiple ads for multiple signages that are programmed and upload remotely. This provides flexibility and also allows businesses to test the effectiveness of different ads. 

Interactive Digital Signage with Virtual AI Agent


AI is revolutionizing the digital signage industry by offering unprecedented levels of personalization and engagement. It transforms traditional static displays into dynamic, responsive communication tools. Virtual AI agents are conversational agents powered by natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning.

When integrated into interactive signage, virtual AI agent provides:

  • Real-time Assistance
    Virtual AI agent can answer queries, provide information, and guide customers.
  • Personalization
    By analyzing customer preferences and context, AI agent delivers tailored content.
  • Engage Customers
    Offer personalized recommendations, promotions, or assistance.
  • Data Collection
    Virtual AI agent can gather feedback, preferences, and insights from customers.

The integration between AI and digital signage is paving the way for the future of interactive signage. Whether it’s generative content or AI agent, these technologies are reshaping how we engage with signage in public spaces! 

The virtual AI agent can be deployed independently or integrate with Intelli-Signage in various settings, such as retail stores, airports, museums, and public spaces.

AI-enabled signage allows business owner to interact with customer at a deeper level, providing personalized ad content to drive product conversions and higher average sales order.

Anewtech Systems Interactive Signage with Virtual AI Agent