Stretched Bar Digital Signage with Ultra-wide Display Ratio


Large-size displays in conventional aspect ratios have limitations in locations like elevators, supermarket shelf, or transportation applications. The stretched bar displays perfectly solve this issue and they can be used to replace traditional LED signage boards. The bar-type displays with ultra-wide ratios present brighter, higher definition and stunning real-time images while consuming less power compared to LED signage boards.

  • Size: 15.1" ~ 43.8"
  • Unique aspect ratio catches viewers’ attention
  • Software: @Signage Designer which support video, images, instant price updates
  • Remote real-time content upload

The stretched bar digital signage is an innovative way to display advertisement at any venue. The ultra-wide screen is suitable for both horizontal and vertical installation in a narrow, limited spaces. With signage design software, user can change signage content with ease and upload the content real-time via remote management tools.

Anewtech stretched bar digital signage

Stretched Screen Technology

Panel resizing consists of screen disassembly, physically cutting the glass to a new size, sealing the edges, and re-assembly of backlight/polarizer/frame. The technology can also be used in a wide range of applications where standard sizes are not suitable, generally where there are height or width restrictions.


The stretched signage offers a number of resized displays such as a 1/2 size panel resized from a 42” panel. By performing a series of complicated panel cutting processes, resized displays retain their original panel specifications, functions and performance, yet open up a new range of application possibilities.