Toilet Feedback System Helps Monitor Washroom Cleanliness Improve User Experiences


Anewtech-Systems-Toilet-Feedback-System-Singapore-Green-Building-ProductToilet feedback system is a valuable tool that allows users to provide feedback on restroom facilities, helping organization maintain cleanliness and improve user experiences. 

Implementing feedback system in washrooms enable users to report issues, rate cleanliness, and provide suggestions instantly.

The integration of a toilet feedback system with advanced sensors and contactless feedback panels helps optimize restroom management, improve user satisfaction, and maintain high hygiene standards.


Functionality and Advantages of the System



Ammonia Sensor

Ammonia sensors detect the level of ammonia in the air within the restroom, which is a key indicator of cleanliness.


People Counting Sensor

People counting sensors are installed at the entrance of the restroom to track the number of users entering and exiting.


Washroom Feedback Panel

Washroom Feedback panels (optional contactless) with SMS notification allowing users to provide feedback on their experience without physical contact.


Integration and Analytics

Data from sensors and feedback panels provide comprehensive insights, addressing user feedback and enhancing restroom facilities over time.


Features and Benefits of the Process:


Anewtech-Systems-Toilet-Feedback-System-Washroom-Feedback-System-user-engagementUser Engagement:

Engages users in providing feedback and encourages them to share their concerns.Customers rate washroom cleanliness on a five-point scale (from Excellent to Very Poor).

Anewtech-Systems-Toilet-Feedback-System-Washroom-Feedback-System-sms-notificationSMS Notification:

Cleaning teams receive immediate SMS notification for negative feedback, allowing swift rectification.

Anewtech-Systems-Toilet-Feedback-System-Washroom-Feedback-System-data-analyticsDashboard Visualization:

Provides visualization of collected data. Reports generated from the system help understand overall satisfaction levels, key problem areas, and response times for issue rectification.

Anewtech-Systems-Toilet-Feedback-System-Washroom-interactive-Feedback-panelInteractive Feedback Panel with SGBP and DFEC Certifications:

Part of the Toilet feedback solution, the interactive feedback panel is accredited with SGBP and DFEC dual certifications for a clean, green, and sustainable environment.


Washroom Feedback System Applications


The toilet feedback system empowers organizations to maintain washroom quality, enhance user satisfaction, and address issues promptly!