Touch Thru Enabled Experiences Powered by Elo’s TouchPro® PCAP


Reimagine  design capabilities with Elo’s Touch Thru functionality! 

Installations using an additional layer of glass, plastic or acrylic can now leverage Elo TouchPro PCAP products with support for Touch Thru functionality. Whether an additional layer for durability or purely aesthetics, Elo offers a variety of monitors and open frames that can be mounted behind a mirror, in a counter or in a fully-encased kiosk.

 The additional layer can protect the screen from vandalism, create a seal for a specific IP rating or simply be used for design purposes to create a sleek and clean appearance.

Supported Elo Touchscreens

  • Desktop & Open Frame Touch Monitors
  • Large Open Frame Monitors and Interactive Digital Signage Monitors 
  • All-In-One Systems (AIO)

How Touch Thru Works?


The additional cover material must be installed with no air gap to the touchscreen glass.
Touch Thru mode must be enabled. This is either enabled in the OSD menu or by uploading new Firmware supplied by Elo. 

Elo’s Touch Thru functionality is easy to use:

  • Choose your cover material – glass, plastic, acrylic, etc.
  • Install flush to the touchscreen glass, no glue or adhesive required
  • Enable Touch Thru mode in the OSD menu or by uploading the Elo supplied firmware

The cover material may be up to 6mm thick, depending on material. In some cases, additional tuning of the controller may be required.

Touch Thru supported Elo Touchscreens
 Interactive Signage 
32” to 65”
Open Frame Touchscreens
10” to 42”
 Touchscreen Monitors 
7” to 27”

Touch Thru Applications

Connected Fitting Room


 Enable a flagship experience in every store using an off-the-shelf mirror and touchscreen. Connect your fitting room to bring online inventory and apps in-store to empower shoppers with convenient, personalized experiences.

Store Front Engagement


 Attract mall goers 24/7 with an interactive experiences and endless aisle shopping. From 65-inch interactive digital signage  to 22-inch interactive selfservice display, pick your size and start engaging with shoppers.

Touch Table and Bar Top


Entertain lobby visitors and restaurant goers alike with integrated tabletop touchscreen experiences. Rest assured your technology is extra protected, durable and easy to clean behind a seamless top enclosure.