Ultra-slim Double-sided Signage Display with Tempered Glass Structure


Digital signage has never been this slim with double sided screen. Double-sided signage in glass provides a two-way media experience while requiring less space, thanks to its innovative slim and hanging design. It is an excellent way to constraint space while communicating brand message using both sides of the panel.


  • Size: 43” / 55”
  • Orientation: landscape / portrait
  • Double Sided signage with tempered glass structure
  • Intel Core-i5 CPU, 4GB memory, 128GB storage, Windows OS
  • Interface: HDMI x 1, VGA x 1, RJ45 x 2, USB x 2 
  • Software: @Signage Designer which support video, images, instant price updates, YouTube live stream

Double-sided signage is an innovative way to display advertisement at any venue. Two panels are fixed between a layer of tempered glass, one at the front and one at the back. The tempered glass with transparent surrounding structure gives the impression that the screens float in the air and the signage comes directly from the glass surface. With signage design software, user can change signage content with ease and upload the content real-time via remote management tools.