Performance Redefined Supermicro Servers Featuring 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors

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As digital transformation continues, new and innovative technologies are needed to meet the increasing demand for a wide range of workloads. The most performant, flexible, and secure servers with new CPUs are needed whether systems are deployed on-premises or in a shared cloud environment. Our wide range of servers and storage systems continue to satisfy the demands of leading organizations and are now available with the 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors. The continuing increase in the performance per watt of the latest generations of Intel CPUs allows for more services and a reduction in execution time for a wide range of use cases and applications. 

Faster and more secure computing can result in lower OPEX and increased customer satisfaction and employee productivity. As the amount of data grows, much of the new data will be generated at the "edge" of the network, which will require new form factors for servers as well as new software to enable intelligent decisions to be made close to where the data is generated. Using AI technologies at the edge may require servers that can operate in environments that are not climate controlled. 

Performance Redefined with 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
Total IT Solutions
  • Industry’s broadest portfolio of systems based on 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors
  • Rack Scale plug-and-play service to deliver complete, validated solutions within weeks
  • Industry standard compliance for hardware and silicon Root of Trust (RoT) and cryptographical attestation of components throughout the entire supply chain
  • Made in the USA         
Optimized, Open Architectures
  • More than 15 families of systems optimized for AI, Cloud, 5G Edge and more
  • Enhanced thermal capacity to support next-gen CPUs, GPUs and other components
  • High ambient temperature operation up to 40°C with liquid cooling options
  • Support for open and industry standards including OCP 3.0, OAM, ORV2, OSF, Open BMC and EDSFF             
4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
  • Up to 60 cores and 350W TDP per CPU
  • Support for Intel Xeon® Max Series CPUs with High Bandwidth Memory
  • Support for PCIe 5.0, DDR5 and CXL 1.1
  • Support for Next-gen Intel® Optane® Persistent Memory (Crow Pass)
  • Built in accelerators:             
    Intel AMX, Intel® Dynamic Load Balancer, Intel® QuickAssist, Technology (QAT), Intel vRAN Boost, Built on the Intel® 7 process

Deliver optimized systems for the most demanding AI, Cloud, and 5G Edge workloads


Performance Optimized

Enhanced thermal capacity to support the highest performing CPUs and GPUs, plus support for the latest industry technologies including PCIe 5.0, DDR5, CXL 1.1 and high-bandwidth memory.

Anewtech-Systems-Supermicro-singapore-GPU-Server-Storage-Server-efficiencyEnergy Efficient

Systems designed for optimal airflow to run in high-temperature data center environments up to 40°C, optional rack-scale liquid cooling solutions and in-house design of Titanium Level power supplies for maximum efficiency.


Anewtech-Systems-Supermicro-singapore-GPU-Server-Storage-Server-securityImproved Security and Manageability

Industry standard compliance for hardware and silicon Root of Trust (RoT), cryptographical attestation of components throughout the entire supply chain and comprehensive remote management capabilities.

Anewtech-Systems-Supermicro-singapore-GPU-Server-Storage-Server-openstandardSupports Open Industry Standards

Futureproofing and interoperability with support for Open Compute Project (OCP) standards including OCP 3.0, OAM, ORV2 and OSF as well as Open BMC and the E1.S storage form factor.

Universal GPU Systems

Multi-Architecture Flexibility for AI/Deep Learning and HPC

PCIe GPU Systems

Maximum Flexibility for AI, 3D Simulation and Metaverse

Hyper Systems

Best-in-class Performance and Flexibility Rackmount Server

CloudDC Systems

Single / Dual Processor Rackmount Platform for Cloud Data Centers

BigTwin® Systems

Industry-leading 2U Multi-node Architecture

GrandTwin™ Systems

Multi-Node Architecture for Single-Processor Performance

FatTwin® Systems

Advanced Multi-node 4U Twin Architecture with 4 or 8 Nodes

WIO Systems

Single Processor Platform for Maximum I/O Flexibility

Multi-Processor Systems

Maximum Memory Footprint for Enterprise Applications

Hyper-E System

Best-in-class Performance and Flexibility for Edge Data Centers

SuperEdge Systems

High-Density Computing and Flexibility at the Intelligent Edge


Data Center Power and PCIe expandability at the desktop

Advantages for Rack-Level Performance and Efficiency

The new servers are designed to reduce power usage while delivering maximum performance. In addition, we provide complete and ready-to-use racks of systems, resulting in a faster time for a customer to be productive.


Resource-Saving Architecture: 

  • The servers, specifically the BigTwin®, GrandTwin™, and SuperBlade®, are designed to share components, specifically the power supplies and the fans. 
  • Sharing these components by multiple servers reduces the power needed for the enclosure while maintaining the required performance.

Rack-Scale Plug and Play: 

  • Our factories deliver fully functioning racks to customers with L12 integration. 
  • By testing both hardware and software at the cluster level, end users can plug into power, connect to the network, and are ready to go. Simply put, Plug and Play

Flexible Cooling Options: 

  • The X13 servers can be cooled in various ways. Whether traditional (CRAC), free-air, or liquid cooling, many servers are designed to run with high inlet temperatures, up to 40° C. 
  • This design feature can reduce the need for CRAC systems, reducing the data center PUE and thus reducing OPEX.