High-Performance Point-of-Care Terminal for Diverse Healthcare Applications

Anewtech Systems Advantech All in One Medical Computer Medical Touch Panel PC AD-POC-621
  • Intel® 8th generation, Whiskey Lake processor
  • 21.5" full HD display with P-cap multi-touch panel
  • Rich connections consisting of USB 3.1 type C (with Display Port function), USB 3.1, and HDMI
  • Expandable system allowing PCIe(x4)/ mini PCIe/ M.2 slots for add-on modules
  • IP54-rated protection and fanless design for infection control
  • Support device management via DeviceOn
  • Optional WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, Li-ion battery pack, and autofocus 5M pixel camera
  • Optional Hot Swappable Battery Accessory with capacity up to 180Wh for mobile applications
Product Specification

AD-POC-621 medical-grade point-of-care terminals feature expansion slots for integrating add-on cards and custom I/O that expand the system functionalities to support diverse healthcare applications.