Delivery and Advertising Robot

Delivery and advertising robot features an innovative design for users to receive an unprecedented experience. The robot delivers item to multiple points at once with four smart trays.



  • High sense & obstacle avoidance ensures the robot can accurately detect and avoid obstacles
  • Can operate in compact environments with a 65cm minimum space for easy navigation
  • With a larger loading capacity than a human and capable of deliver items to multiple point in one go, it effectively reduces pressure on staff during peak times. 
  • Suitable for restaurant, hospital, hotel, office building, factory and retail 
  • For a unique experience, user can use the robot to deliver a birthday cake or gifts accompanied by birthday music

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Features that Define Excellence:

Smart Multitasking:

Our robot introduces a transformative feature: the ability to deliver items to multiple points simultaneously. This is made possible by its four intelligent trays, each synchronized to deliver precision and speed.

Seamless Navigation:

The heart of our robot's innovation lies in its navigational prowess. Powered by advanced algorithms and sensors, it seamlessly maneuvers through various environments, ensuring safe and efficient delivery every time.


Effortless Multi destination Deliveries:

Say goodbye to sequential deliveries. Our robot efficiently navigates through diverse locations, distributing items to multiple destinations concurrently.

Smart Tray System:

The four smart trays operate in harmony, optimizing routes and ensuring secure deliveries, all while minimizing wait times.


Impeccable Precision:

Our robot's innovative design and cutting-edge technology ensure that each delivery is executed with precision, enhancing user satisfaction.

Elevating Advertising:

Beyond deliveries, our robot doubles as an advertising canvas, presenting dynamic and captivating visuals that engage and enthrall.



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Office Building
Anewtech Systems delivery robot ai robot advertising robot service robots singapore restaurant delivery robot
ItemsDelivery & Advertising Robot
Robot size58*49*129 (cm)
Robot Weight66kg
No. of tray4
Tray size43*40 (cm)
Tray distance200mm
Single tray load10kg
Max payload40kg
Min passing space70cm
Obstacle 20mm
Gap 65mm
Operational screen10.1 inch, 1280 x 720 px
Advertising screen15.6 inch, 1920 x 1080 px
Operation time Continuous working>10h
Charging hours4hr

Multiple Operation Modes, Simple Interaction


Robot Call Pager

Remote call robot and multi-point delivery


IoT Devices Integration

Seamless navigation through elevator, gate and automatic door handling


Multiple Delivery Mode 

A 10.1-inch operation screen for multiple delivery mode and setting