Intelligent Energy Management System (iEMS)

Intelligent energy management systems improved energy efficiency, cost savings, sustainability benefits, and enhanced control over energy usage.

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The iEMS intelligent energy solution starts from the coordinated development of 'people, equipment, energy, and environment'.

iEMS focuses on 'low carbon and intelligence' and integrates the industry attributes of diverse market segments. It also selects the most representative application scenarios to extract five core apps with an eye towards reconstruction and decoupling.

Powered by Advantech's WISE-PaaS  industrial IoT platform, iEMS solutions emphasizes practicality, ease of use, expandability, and scalability. They are designed to deliver a variety of precise energy saving and smart energy management systems rapidly and at minimal cost, while also accommodating future growth.



Intelligent Energy Management Solution (iEMS)

Intelligent energy management systems offer numerous advantages, including improved energy efficiency, cost savings, sustainability benefits, and enhanced control over energy usage. These systems are designed to meet the diverse needs of industrial and commercial customers seeking to optimize their energy consumption and reduce operational costs.

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Empowering the Energy-Saving Industrial Revolution

We adheres to the spirit of altruism and works to create a sustainable living environment for our next generation through delivering comprehensive energy automation solutions. From all aspects including factory operations, smart buildings, water resource treatment, we aim to establish sustainable development models in all of our operations.


Management Level (Carbon & Energy Management)

Anewtech-systems-intelligent-energy-management-system-advantech-iems-ecoenterprise iEMS.ECOEnterprise 
Enterprise energy saving and carbon reduction index management Review key energy indicators while applying energy-saving/green-energy strategies via a management-level perspective.   
iEMS/ECOEnterprise is made for monitoring enterprise energy saving and decarbonization report.
Anewtech-systems-intelligent-energy-management-system-advantech-iems-ecowatch iEMS.ECOWatch 
Energy Management It primarily monitors, compares, and manages both the demand and apportionment of water, electricity, and gas. Indeed, it helps enterprises complete their digital transformation — resulting in energy conservation and emission reduction.

Operational Level (Energy Saving & Equipment Efficiency Management)

Anewtech-systems-intelligent-energy-management-system-advantech-iems-ecoenterprise iEMS.HVAC 
HVAC Energy Efficiency Management The system comprehensively collects the operating parameters, and gives the corresponding optimization strategy, monitoring operating status and key indicators  to achieve energy saving effects.
Anewtech-systems-intelligent-energy-management-system-advantech-iems-ecoenterprise iEMS.Compressor 
Air compressor energy efficiency management The combination of compressed air system processing, energy-saving control, and predictive maintenance is achievable; and could improve system management efficiency.
Anewtech-systems-intelligent-energy-management-system-advantech-iems-ecowatch iEMS.Power 
Power Management Power management solution starts from the needs of customers' power supply side and power consumption side, and monitor all aspects of source, storage and charge in real time.

Advantages of intelligent energy management system (iEMS)

Anewtech-systems-intelligent-energy-management-system-advantech-energy-efficiency wise-paas

Energy Efficiency

iEMS systems typically use advanced sensors and monitoring devices to track energy consumption in real-time. This data allows for the optimization of energy usage, helping to reduce overall consumption and, consequently, lower energy costs.

Anewtech-systems-intelligent-energy-management-system-advantech-sustainability wise-paasSustainability

By efficiently managing energy consumption, these systems can help organizations reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainable practices. This is especially important in today's environmentally conscious world.

Anewtech-systems-intelligent-energy-management-system-advantech-cost-saving wise-paasCost Savings

Lower energy consumption leads to reduced energy bills. Energy management systems can identify areas of energy waste and suggest strategies for cost savings, which can significantly impact an organization's bottom line.

Anewtech-systems-intelligent-energy-management-system-advantech-remote-monitoring wise-paasRemote Monitoring and Control

iEMS systems offer remote monitoring and control capabilities. This means that you can manage and adjust energy usage from a central location, saving time and resources.

Anewtech-systems-intelligent-energy-management-system-advantech-preventive-maintenance wise-paasPredictive Maintenance

Some energy management systems can predict when equipment may fail or require maintenance based on energy usage patterns. This proactive approach can prevent costly downtime and repairs.

Anewtech-systems-intelligent-energy-management-system-advantech-integration wise-paasIntegration with Existing Systems

iEMS solutions can integrate with other industrial automation and control systems, making it easier to implement energy management into existing operations seamlessly.

Anewtech-systems-intelligent-energy-management-system-advantech-data-analytics wise-paasData Analytics

These systems include data analytics tools that can provide insights into energy usage patterns and trends. This data can be used to make informed decisions about energy efficiency improvements.

Anewtech-systems-intelligent-energy-management-system-advantech-scability wise-paasScalability

As organizations grow or evolve, these systems can often be scaled up to accommodate changing energy management needs.