Wafer Fabrication Advanced Manufacturing

Effective use of monitoring and diagnostic solutions, not only to prevent equipment failure for enhancing the capacity and stability, but also to greatly save maintenance costs.


Common Applications:

  • Film Thickness Measurement
  • Root Cavity Process
  • Wafer Thickness Measurement
  • Wafer QR Code Scanning
  • Machine Predictive Measurement
  • Wireless Machine Monitoring Increase Equipment Uptime

Film Thickness Measurement

  • Measuring of wafer film Thickness
  • Data acquired through TCP/IP port
  • Scanning Lot Number and Part Number
  • Capture Machine ID, Date and Time stamp
  • Only Pass Data is captured, “NG” data stored in reject folder

Root Cavity Process

  • Using an Industrial Scope
  • Collect the data from measurement
  • When measurement finished to monitor mouse click
  • Compile to excel file to draw the SPC Chart
  • SPC chart use for Quality Analysis

Wafer Thickness Measurement

  • Using the Industrial Height Gauge
  • Connect to the Serial Port of the Gauge
  • Acquired data based on user defined number of points to measure
  • Reading acquired automatically and data are captured as CSV file
Anewtech Wafer QR Code Scanning

Wafer QR Code Scanning

  • Due to the quality of laser etching a handheld QR Code scanner is unable to read the QR Code data
  • Using the industrial Camera, with a microscope 40X zoom lens
  • Scan data are stored as excel file for quality analysis

Machine Predictive Measurement

  • Smart Monitoring and Diagnostic & Predictive Maintenance Solutions
  • E-Checklist application
  • Perform daily check on the machine component
  • Trends of the machine performance, downtime
  • Sent notification to the equipment dept. for machine failure
  • Improving production efficiency
  • Increasing the life of the machine effectively
  • Reducing maintenance costs significantly

Wireless Machine Monitoring Increase Equipment Uptime

In a manufacturing factory, there is a lot of diverse equipment displaying its status by signal towers. To monitor machine status, operators stare at the signal tower all the time. However, this traditional practice sometimes results in time lag and low precision.

Anewtech's wireless signal tower machine monitoring could help users increase management efficiency with reliable performance and easy installation, which can be used to help enable smart factories.